James and Joan Lamb Scholarship

For over 12 years, the Commonwealth Consultants Foundation has provided a yearly scholarship program for financially disadvantaged students to attend George Mason University.  To-Date, the Commonwealth Consultants Foundation has provided over $45,000 in scholarships to give seven students the opportunity to earn a degree at George Mason University.

This year the Foundation is proud to award a four year scholarship to Sofia Sikandar of Hayfield Secondary School to assist her in her studies at George Mason University. An honor student with a commitment to community activism, Sofia is pursuing a degree in applied computer science with a concentration in software engineering. Sofia is pictured below with Jim Lamb, Chairman of the Commonwealth Consultants Foundation.

“I can’t believe that people who have already given so much to the world would give so much more.  My friends at Commonwealth Consultants Foundation really do care about people.  You strengthen my belief that there truly are angels here on Earth!”

Alicia Vipperman, James and Joan Lamb College Scholarship Recipient